What We Offer

FAME is about Changing Lives. Those that attend the program are supported as they face new and positive challenges. They are taught how to engage confidently with their local community. They are also nurtured in ways that promote healthy self-esteem and self-acceptance.


At FAME we offer innovative, diverse learning opportunities to improve participant’s literacy and numeracy skills. There are opportunities to gain Certificates in E&SD I and II and SACE I & II, if this is one’s goal. For those young people interested in following a vocational pathway we assist in accessing courses that can lead to qualifications in a field they are interested in. It is important to stress here that FAME is notlike a mainstream school, it is not able to provide the range of curriculum topics that are usually available in Years 8 – 10 (i.e. history, geography). However, what we do provide is more than sufficient to equip a young person with the skills necessary to achieve SACE I & II qualifications.

Health & Wellbeing

At FAME the importance of education is balanced with an equally important belief in fostering the wellbeing of young people: socially, emotionally and psychologically. Our enrichment program is designed to help participants build resilience and a strong sense of self.

The dedication to healthy living is an integral part of the FAME program. Nutritious meals are provided daily (breakfast, lunch and snacks) and physical activity is promoted through our aquatics and gym sessions. The extra-curriculum activities we run contribute to the young people’s overall wellbeing. Activities include cooking classes, a woodwork program, and a fabulous array of excursions throughout each term.

Who is FAME for?
FAME Services has been established to meet the needs of young people between the ages of 13-19 years old… who are at risk.
Independent Education Plans (IEP)
FAME places a strong emphasis on working in partnership with the young person and helping them establish what their hopes are for their future. The staff aim to assist each participant with the expression of their educational, vocational and social goals. These goals are reviewed periodically so the young person can monitor their own progress.

The Referral Process

The referral process to FAME is uncomplicated. It requires a phone call (contact details at the end of the brochure) to FAME requesting an appointment to see the FAME Director. Appointments can be made by parents, carers, the young person, a school counselor, a support agency, or a government department. The Director is available during work hours to discuss an expression of interest in the program. It is essential that psycho-social, educational and behavioural reports are made available for an adequate assessment of the suitability of FAME for the young person. This assessment will be made in consultation with relevant FAME staff and an appropriate person from the applicant’s previous school or support agency.