About Us

Our History

FAME was initially established in 1997 in Hackham West, when the Christian Brothers saw there were many at-risk young people in the area that were missing out on an education. The establishment of the program was a reflection of the Brother’s belief that liberation comes through education.
The Christian Brothers were established in Ireland in the early 1800’s by Edmund Rice. It was a response to the poverty and isolation that was the lot of so many young children in that day. Edmund believed that children’s lives could be transformed if they were given the opportunity to have an education, an education that would otherwise be outside of their reach. He believed that access to education was the key means to the ‘excluded becoming included’ within society.
Late 2014 FAME was recognised as a Special Assistance School by the SA Registration Board. Our governing body is now EREA (Edmund Rice Education Australia) and we are affiliated with Youth+ which run 20 Flexible Learning Centres around Australia.

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Our Commitment

FAME is run by a diverse range of dedicated staff and volunteers. The team consist of teachers, welfare workers and vocational trainers. Each team member is highly professional and passionate about what they do. They have a strong commitment to best practice standards of alternative education and are guided by Edmund Rice’s humanitarian principals: social justice, human rights, access & equity. Our goal is to provide innovative and flexible learning opportunities that meet individual needs.